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"The facilitators have great backgrounds and I’ve found the entire experience very impressive. Watching videos on LinkedIn Learning is hard and it’s difficult to stay stimulated. Having a facilitator actually there is completely different - you get to ask questions, interact with others in the group."

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What learners say about Foreword

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Michelle L
Product Operations
Such a valuable session! Being able to physically write out our feelings and our thoughts, it builds awareness and makes you think about what you're doing now, where will that bring you, and where will your changes you implement today can positively impact you!
Manage your energy, not your time
Photo of learner
Kelsey G
Product designer
Really helpful workshop on giving/receiving feedback. I feel ready to put many of the tips into practice at work!
Giving and receiving feedback
Photo of learner
Lucas C
Software engineer
I loved the workshop, the best for me was the tension-relief mechanism on the storyline. The proposed exercises helped me a lot.
Managing stress in uncertain times
Photo of learner
Team member
Northstar Money
Got 2 sessions coming up, love this benefit!
Photo of learner
Francisco B
Software engineer
This workshop helped me with one of the most important skills in a person's life: learning how to deal with emotions. They are our energy and our lack of it. I encourage everyone to participate!
Stepping into greatness: staying calm, kind and productive in times of uncertainty
Photo of learner
Vivian F
The structure of the workshop was clear and concise. I appreciated how there was a clear learning component of using the 4 W's. Thank you for this wonderful workshop and providing real-life examples that we can apply to our everyday work lives.
Become an expert asynchronous communicator
Photo of learner
Amanda L
Product design engineer
The workshop was incredibly engaging and interesting - by the end of the session, we all had very clear actions that we would implement in our workplace moving forward.
Courageous feedback: communicating with conviction, clarity and kindness
Photo of learner
LauraJean Y
Customer Experience Manager
I loved this workshop! It was an intimate group, which made it much easier for the exercises and group activities. The instructor presented well & provided great information.
Communicating effectively
Photo of learner
Carin P
Loved this workshop. The facilitator was engaging and the content was well presented. The examples were great and helped understand the content.
Compliance training: Anti-harassment and abusive conduct (CA compliant)
Photo of learner
Pam D
VP of Global Enablement
Really love the facilitator’s style!  She's very clear, direct, personable and well-paced! We covered a lot of information in an hour, yet I didn't feel like it was all coming "at" me and I didn't know how to use it. Her ability to get the audience to engage to work through examples helped me  better connect the dots!
Giving and receiving feedback, manager edition
Photo of learner
Chris P
Director of Financial Planning
I thought it was very thought provoking and loved the breakouts and talking with the team on things!
Growth mindset
Photo of learner
Alexander B
Compact and meaningful workshop with some good tips on holding difficult conversations.
Difficult conversations
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