Compelling storytelling

Maria Marquis

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Compelling storytelling

In this workshop, we'll explore how effective storytelling can set you apart in presentations and meetings and guide your career path.

What is compelling storytelling and why is it important?

The human mind is interesting - it's not built to remember data and numbers, but it is built to remember a story. So, in order to make an impact or a point, you need a story to capture and retain your audience’s attention - both in the room, and after you finish.

During this workshop, we will:

  • Explore what makes a story powerful and meaningful
  • Practice a repeatable framework to structure your stories for clarity
  • Define an effective preparation process to get in the zone and never forget what you wanted to say
  • Practice the 4 tools to make your storytelling and presentations interactive

After the workshop, you will have learned:

  • How to prepare effectively and efficiently
  • How to incorporate interactivity into every presentation you give - no matter the modality
  • A framework to build clear and compelling presentations that are story-driven

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May 19, 2022




This event has already occurred.
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