Difficult conversations

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Difficult conversations

Have you had difficult conversations at work before? Have they gone well? Have they gone horribly? Being able to have a difficult conversation is part of the manager’s essential skills toolkit. We all have to face this challenge at least once in our life. For most of us, it isn’t something we can do on a whim. It can be uncomfortable and stress-inducing, but fortunately there are tools that can help us prepare so that our conversation is constructive and thoughtful.

This workshop is a hands-on one in which participants will have the opportunity to discuss real-life scenarios and practice their own conversation skills.

During this workshop, we will:

  • Understand why it’s so tough to have difficult conversations
  • Learn about the role of emotions at play, and the reactions they can trigger
  • Discover a difficult conversation framework
  • Learn how the environment and our intentions can influence the conversation

After the workshop, you will have learned:

  • How different emotions can trigger different reactions
  • Tools and tips on how to gracefully approach and have a difficult conversation
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May 12, 2022




This event has already occurred.
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