Situational leadership

Rachel Peck

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Situational leadership

If you manage people, you may have asked yourself "Should I be the kind of manager who delegates? Is clear and directive? Coaches my team? Is supportive, but hands-off?" The short answer is: yes. Great leaders adapt their style based on the situation at hand, and Situational Leadership is a framework that helps you do it.  This workshop is geared toward People Managers of every level (it’s gotten rave reviews from C-Suite teams and first-time managers alike), and will be highly interactive, so come prepared to discuss.

During this  workshop, we will:

  • Learn the Situational Leadership framework — a perspective on when to direct, coach, support, or delegate based on the context
  • Explore real world situations that warrant different styles of leadership
  • Reflect on where you as a manager are particularly strong and where you have room to improve
  • Give and receive peer coaching around how to be a more effective manager
  • Make commitments that put Situational Leadership into practice

After the workshop, you will have learned:

  • A framework for thinking about when and how to direct, coach, support, and delegate to your team
  • A better sense of your own style as a people manager, with tools and at least one concrete next-step to become even more adaptive and effective as a leader
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Apr 13, 2022




This event has already occurred.
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