Learning new skills on the go isn’t easy

What is foreword?

Foreword is a marketplace for live, online workshops designed for the busy person.

We specialize in trainings for rising and aspiring people managers, soft skills to thrive at fast growing companies, DEI, and wellness. Stay tuned because we're constantly adding new types of workshops too.

Busy employee
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Punchy workshops
They’re 1-2 hours in length, fitting nicely in a work week
Actionable takeaways
Equip yourself with tools you can implement right away

It’s pretty simple

We work with companies to host private workshops for their teams, but we also offer shared workshops where you can learn alongside peers at other companies. You can absolutely register for workshops on your own and it's highly encouraged.

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Browse the marketplace

Pick out the ones you're interested in, we’ve got a variety of workshops in popular areas.


Register for a workshop

Sign up directly on the page, or click ‘Get notified’ to be updated of new sessions.


Participate and learn new skills

Attend your workshop and learn from world-class facilitators alongside peers.
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How much does it cost?

The average workshop is about $100-300 to join and is designed to fit within a professional development budget (if your company has one of those).

How's this different from other platforms?

Most other platforms have courses that are pre-recorded content whereas all of our workshops are live, online and highly interactive where you learn alongside peers.

That might seem like a subtle difference, but it's the difference between trying to muster up all your discipline to sit through a talking head vs. having a highly engaging session.

If you've bought a recorded class, but never finished it, you're not alone 😉

How can I make time for this?

It might feel less pressing to invest in yourself, but it can be so important for career growth. And in the end, if we don't prioritize our career growth, who will?

Learning by doing is great and all, but sometimes a little training can make a big difference. It's especially helpful for blindspots and areas we have less experience.

We're realists and we know you're busy so we've designed workshops with you in mind (quick and highly actionable).