Our workshop quality pledge

Learner-centric experiences

There are many dimensions in which a workshops can be learner centric. We've decided to focus on the following 4:

  • Concrete takeaways—Each learner who decides to show up should walk away with at least one concrete takeaway. We ensure facilitators define their learning objective(s) beforehand and include activities that are conducive to meeting this objective.
  • Audience-appropriate—For employees, every role and level are nuanced and we make sure learners don't end up in a workshop that's not useful to them because it misses the mark on the learning needs. We ask facilitators to clearly define and indicate who their workshop is for.
  • For all learning styles—People learn in different ways, that's why we encourage facilitators to provide options (such as a visual in addition to a spoken topic) while delivering content or driving an activity.
  • Inclusive—We know people come from different backgrounds and have different personalities. Our facilitators leverage the diversity of the groups and ensure their content and activities are accessible by everyone.

Relevant topics

We know employees are busy with the highest priority tasks at work. While we do believe in investing in long-term skills for career development, we understand that certain topic are time-sensitive. We stay up-to-date with current events and always have high-priority workshops available.

Expert facilitators

Our facilitators are subject matter experts (SME). In addition to being amazing facilitators, they're extremely knowledgeable in their field. We vet each facilitators that comes on the platform and we form a strong partnership with them.

Engaging activities

Our philosophy around online workshops is that they should be highly engaging. Don't expect them to be lecture-style where you'll be able to multitask on email. That's why we keep them short-ish—we know you have other things to do! Each workshop is hands-on and requires participation from each participant, because we know that's what makes the learning stick.

Designed for online

We've seen lots of workshops be successfully adapted  online, and unfortunately, we've also seen some fall flat. We strongly believe it's possible to have the same quality of learning in an online setting, it's just a matter of designing the experience for the format. All our facilitators are strong at teaching online and understand how to create that quality experience you'll enjoy no matter where you are.