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One of the biggest mistakes we've seen with new remote workers is confusing more communication with more meetings. (Hello, Zoom fatigue!) In this workshop, we’ll dive into asynchronous communication best practices, when and why to use, and ideas on how to shift behaviors within your team. You’ll be an active participant, so get ready to type and talk your way into more engaging communication.

During the workshop, we will:

  • Define asynchronous communication, and call out specific misconceptions
  • Review the three main types of asynchronous communication: one-way, two-way and project-related
  • Review the only asynchronous communication lesson you’ll ever need
  • Ideate on how you can use “asynchronous communication” best practices at work

After the workshop, you will have learned:

  • Strategies and frameworks to improve your asynchronous communication at work
  • A better sense of when and where asynchronous communication can be used
Remote Works


Remote Works

Ali Greene and Tamara Sanderson are co-writers of the upcoming book Remote Works, a guide for managers, in which they share foundational principles to building strong distributed teams.

About Ali Greene

Ali is the co-founder of Remote Works, an organizational design and consulting firm, with an upcoming book under the same title. With over six years of remote work experience, and four years leading remote teams while traveling full-time, Ali has recently transitioned from digital nomad life (for now) and is currently living in Spain. Ali spends her time helping people and companies thrive in making work more freeing, flexible, and focused.

Ali has experience growing the fully distributed team at DuckDuckGo from 30 people to 100 people in four years as the Director of People Ops; and was most recently sharing her remote work expertise as Head of Culture and Community at Oyster.

Ali is a frequent speaker, educator, and podcast guest and host of Oyster’s Distributed Discussions. She was recently featured as a “Remote Expert and Influencer to Watch.” See the full list of podcasts, webinars, articles here and check out her blog posts on remote work here and here.

About Tamara Sanderson

Tamara is the co-founder of Remote Works, an organizational design and consulting firm, with an upcoming book under the same title. She cut her teeth in design at IDEO, in tech at Google and Automattic (, and in finance and operations at Oliver Wyman and Audax Group, and now, she’s excited to share what she’s learned with others—specifically around distributed work.

With over 12 years of distributed work experience, largely while traveling the world with 70 countries and 7 continents under her belt, Tamara learned the secrets to making remote work work. She's passionate about helping others find their own paths and believes in the power of personal autonomy.

She’s an encouraging and enthusiastic facilitator. She teaches design at, an alt-MBA, and product management through Northwestern Kellogg. Students have referred to her as “a pro” with an ear for listening and an eye for giving great feedback. Her workshops are organized, interactive and stock full of exercises to understand the material better.

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