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Effective communication is key to team and organizational performance, but most people struggle to communicate with clarity, conviction, and kindness. When it comes to tough conversations or communicating in the face of resistance, many people sugar coat, avoid altogether, clumsily land the message or react defensively. Traditional efforts to improve communication focus on models or strategies that, while valuable, overlook one key factor: the internal work that is needed to communicate in an effective way. Developing a powerful communication style requires we attend to important inner work such as perceptions, mindset, emotional responses, energy, and intentional practice. This series is designed to offer a guide to upgrading the inner game of communication so you can lead with clarity, conviction, and kindness and develop a culture of feedback on teams.

Session 1: The Inner Game of Communication Part 1

  • The impactful communicators in your life
  • What contributes to an effective communication style
  • Storytelling: Me as an impactful communicator
  • Communication traps
  • Inner game influencers
  • Technical vs adaptive communication challenges
  • Mindset Matters: Introduction of “The Frame” (individual communication tool)

Session 2: The Inner Game of Communication Part 2

  • Mindset Matters: introduction of “The Line” (Team communication tool)
  • Empathy, empathy misses and how to create empathy when it’s hard
  • Executive presence
  • Body, Mind, Heart and Purpose

Session 3: Giving and Receiving Feedback

  • From empathy to feedback
  • Radical Candor
  • Courageous feedback checklist
  • Meaningful recognition
  • The brain: reactive mind vs receptive mind
  • Storytelling
  • The power of the pause
  • Being a good listener
ViDL Solutions


ViDL Solutions

An award winning, high energy facilitator and coach, Natalie has over 30 years’ experience working with individuals, groups and employers of all sizes to improve performance, prevent burnout and align wellbeing behaviors to purpose. She is described by her audiences as having a contagious energy, personable, insightful, generous, and creative.

Natalie is known for her creativeness and ability to think outside the box. Natalie is a natural extrovert and especially talented in getting people to turn thoughts into action. She loves the challenge of meeting new people, breaking the ice and creating connection. Natalie delivers fresh, innovative and interactive trainings that help your organization and its employees’ function at full capacity. She offers trainings focused on three major areas of organizational well being and performance: 1. Supporting employee wellbeing, 2. Improving team dynamics and 3. Developing courageous leaders. Full of new ideas, energizing activities, reflective work and practical strategies, participants leave her trainings inspired and prepared with actionable steps they can take immediately. Additional content not listed here can be customized to meet the needs of the organization and employees.

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They've worked with people at

Lyra Health
Novo Nordisk
International Women's Forum
Hospital Council of Northern & Central California
Truist Bank
University of Dayton

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