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Feedback is one of the highest-correlated activities to motivation in the workplace, yet most people struggle to seek it or provide it. 

This workshop is designed for employees of all levels and roles to learn how to solicit and provide feedback in an effective and non-intimidating way.

During this workshop, we will:

  • Discover how to create a culture of feedback in your team
  • Learn when (and how) to seek from others 
  • Learn when (and how) to give feedback to colleagues, reports, or managers
  • Learn a script for how to solicit feedback
  • Learn a script for how to give feedback - even on difficult topics
  • Practice giving and receiving feedback in a safe, fun learning environment

After the workshop, you will walk away with:

  • Real-world tools to solicit and give feedback on all types of topics
James Jeffley


James Jeffley

James Jeffley is an award-winning, international speaker and trainer; a professional coach and published author; a professional musician and ordained minister.  

James has over 25 years of practical, proven business and leadership experience as a manager, executive, entrepreneur, trainer, facilitator, minister and business owner. 

He has over 20 years of corporate training & coaching experience, helping thousands of adults across the US, UK, Canada, Malaysia, Australia and the UAE improve essential personal and professional skills. 

An accomplished speaker, James is a two-time finalist in the Toastmasters International World Championship of Public Speaking.  

Here’s what others say about James:

“From the opening session to the close of the meeting (which, to everyone assembled, came too soon – a First!), James provided outstanding guidance and insight. His contributions elevated the level of engagement and real learning during the meeting to a level I had not anticipated. His powerful and persuasive voice, his quiet passion, and his well-constructed presentation combined to win over even the most “stuck-in-their-ways” attendees. 

I am deeply grateful for James’ substantial contributions to CDG’s leadership development efforts. I can, and do, recommend him highly, and with absolute confidence that he can help other companies that are also intent on developing the leadership capability of their managers and employees.” 

- David L. Malmo, President Continental Data Graphics, a Boeing Company


“Being at the precipice of the most important role in my career, I sought out James because of his own great speaking abilities. He coached me through some misperceptions I had about myself and helped build my confidence which allowed me to deliver the most impactful presentation of my life. I am now enjoying that new role thanks in large part to James' valuable coaching. I would highly recommend James Jeffley!” 

- MP, Deloitte

Here’s what James says:

“What I truly value most is connecting with people and helping them discover their own brilliance...their own strengths...and to give some tools and insights to help them elevate their consciousness to think and act in new, and better ways to produce the results they want."

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