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Feedback is one of the main channels through which individuals grow. Unfortunately, it’s often stigmatized and managers, peers, and reports don’t feel comfortable sharing it directly. In this workshop, we’ll learn why feedback is difficult to give and receive, and how to create an environment in which feedback is a positive thing. 

This workshop will be a hands-on interactive session where participants will have the opportunity to give and receive feedback in small groups or pairs based on real-life situations. 

During this workshop, we will:

  • Explore feedback as two-sided communication: Giving and receiving
  • Discover tools for giving feedback, such as SBI Framework and others
  • Learn the steps for receiving feedback as a manager

After the workshop, you will have learned:

  • Concrete and actionable tactics to give and receive feedback
  • How to create an open and safe environment for people to give you feedback
Emma Guidarelli


Emma Guidarelli

I’m a people function builder based out of New York City. I support startups to thrive by establishing and stabilizing the HR structures and processes needed to grow value-aligned, productive, people-first cultures. 

As a seasoned people function builder, I understand how important supporting managers is. I’ve created a manager training specifically answering the needs of busy startups—it’s a series of foundational workshops that are bite-sized, dynamic, and immediately applicable. I’m an energetic facilitator and love to engage participants in discussions and activities that make the learning process interesting. 

I've supported phenomenal leaders across many startups and I'm eager to share some of the common strategies and tactics that have helped them thrive.

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