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Did you know that over 70% of change initiatives in organizations fail to yield the results that were intended? A ton of preparation, time and effort is usually spent on the tactical aspects of a large change—whether it’d be a re-strucuting, or a complete pivot. But how much time do we spend preparing and thinking of the short and long term impact of this change from a human emotion perspective? One key reason why the intended results of a change fail is because we haven’t considered the many angles the human emotions come into play. 

In this workshop we will look at the emotional dynamics of change in an organization, and learn what to do to prepare for a possibly disruptive change. 

During this workshop, we will:

  • Become aware of the emotional side of change
  • Understand why change efforts typically fail
  • Learn the EQ Change Model and the Cycle of Resistance
  • Use the Six Seconds EQ Model to understand the emotional skills required
  • Integrate the key ideas by planning for an upcoming change 

After the workshop, you will have learned:

  • Tactics to integrate EQ when planning a change
Laura Lewis-Barr


Laura Lewis-Barr

Laura Lewis-Barr is founder and president of Training 4 Breakthroughs. Using her extensive training in both the theatre and emotional intelligence, Laura helps managers and executives communicate their ideas with humor, vitality, and presence. She has many years of experience coaching and training groups online and is a beloved virtual instructor. 

Her recent publication, Improving Communication at Work – 52 Tips, Techniques, and Tools to Build Emotional Intelligence – A Card Deck for Workers, Managers, and Teams comes from her many years of coaching adults in emotional intelligence and the practical uses of positive psychology. She is also the author of Share Your Stories, Ace Your Interview, and Get the Job You Want!: Insights from emotional intelligence, the performing arts, and public speaking.

Laura has undergone an extensive amount of certifications:

  • DDI (Development Dimensions International)
  • Mind Gym
  • Achieve Global
  • 6-seconds Emotional Intelligence
  • TESI (Team Emotional/Social Intelligence assessment)

In addition to her degrees in Communication and Performance, she has continued to study depth psychology, facilitation, and process work. She has worked with managers from Chase Bank, Thomson Reuters, Dow Chemical, AOL, Toyota, and many other large and small companies.

Laura's well told stories can also be found in her nonfiction publications (on emotional intelligence) as well as in award-winning plays and short stop motion films.

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